About Us

Company for trade and services ALGO NEMETALI LLC is a private company founded in 2004 that works successfully in mining and affiliate design.

Our main activity is the exploitation of mineral resource - gnajsni shale and quartz on the locality "Great Orljak" vilage Otoshnica municipality Rankovce, which launched after obtaining the approval for exploitation no. 24-4025 / 5 of 18.08.2006 and the signing of the concession for exploitation no. 24-4025 / 4 of 22.06.2006.

By getting the approval for work started gnajsni exploitation of shale which are gray blue color. The main production of home consisted of stone with an irregular shape, and later with the construction of production departments establish a line of breaking with hydraulic and mechanical presses that produce bricks of natural stone. It is also set up a cutting line which produces cut stone decorated with standard widths and also with dimensions in order.

The purpose of our products is to regulate decorative external and internal surfaces or trails, floors, walls, fountains, retaining walls, chimneys, interior decoration of walls, stairs, fireplaces.

Confirmation of quality of our products is proven by Dutch certificate that was obtained permission to use it as a building material in the European market.